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Systems Servicing UK Ltd. We are based in the seaside town of Colwyn Bay and have been selling and servicing Kirby vacuum cleaners for over 25 years.


Our engineer can visit you at home, in work or you can drop your machine off in our shop to be fully service or repaired.  We also offer service plans.


You are welcome to visit our showroom or book  us to have a demonstration of our fantastic range of Kirby vacuums. We offer payment plans on new machines.


Visit our showroom, in Colwyn Bay, or book a service or repair online or alternatively you can call us now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Over 100 years of Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

= Total Quality and Reliability

Please don’t be seduced by cheaper and often prettier looking vacuum cleaner models of today.  Many of them are NOT built to last and DO NOT represent true value for money.  Kirby vacuum cleaners have been around for over 100 years and are unquestionably built to stand the test of time and continual use.  When it comes to cleaning power and dependability, Kirby vacuum cleaners can’t be beaten.  It is not uncommon to see 30 plus year old Kirby vacuum cleaners working perfectly.  A leading consumer magazine ranked it the most dependable vacuum cleaner.

Whilst most other vacuums simply clean the surface of the carpet, the Kirby vacuum is designed to be a deep cleaner.  The design of the system spins at 3,200 revolutions per minute and puts the motor close to the brush roll, which the nylon bristles loosen deep down dirt, sand and grit and has a super strong suction.  The adjustable height function means that the vacuums can be used on different flooring including carpets, rugs, throws and hard floors and can even be used to clean dead skin, mites and bed bugs out of your mattress or couch. They are made in the USA and all of our new Kirby machines come with a 3 year warranty, or our reconditioned models come with a 6 month warranty.

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